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Our Story

How it began:

I began Doula work over 25 years ago not even knowing that's what I was doing. I just showed up at my sisters birth and was the calming presence in the room. I walked her through breathing, positioning and the beautiful birth of her baby girl.

Since then, I have gone through DONA International training.

I have attended numerous births throughout the years and had the privilege in May (2018) of attending the birth of my Great-Niece! It really does come full-circle! The baby girl that started it out so many years ago is having a baby girl of her own. I am honored and privileged to be her doula and would feel the same honor and privilege to be yours! 

Why Placenta Encapsulation?

The Postpartum period can be an emotional roller coaster; struggling with milk production, pain in your recovering body, sleep deprivation/low energy, all while caring for a newborn. These are some of the reasons I became a placenta encapsulator. The added hormones and nutrients found in the placenta can reduce the unease of the postpartum season. There are so many potential benefits to placenta consumption! Talk with me today about how you can have a more ease-filled postpartum! 

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